Cohan received her first camera when she was 15 years old and has been shooting ever since.  Her passion for photography encompasses culture, people and emotion within their circumstances.  It is the depiction of humanism that one can see with clarity behind the lens and it is within this opportunity that gives her a clearer understanding of what exists today within our societal confines.

Cohan is an awarding wining photographer.  She has  been internationally published in Africa Geographic.  You can find Cohan's working published in numerous arenas for multiple organizations.  Cohan was awarded an opportunity to show her work in an exhibit that  traveled through five hospitals over the last year.  Cohan brings 20 plus years to the photography realm and has been traveling the world over the last 10 years capturing award winning photos in numerous countries.    

She has had the privilege to travel numerous times a year to developing countries in desperate need of health care.  Traveling as both a photographer and a nurse has allowed her the opportunity to serve those in need and share their story through the lens of my camera.  I photograph the way they make me feel and the understanding that we each have a story to tell, giving each other a voice and an opportunity to be heard.  Because of these many opportunities, she has created an extensive portfolio that will soon be displayed in her first exhibition in Rome, Italy 2019.  Please check back for more details about her upcoming show.

Published Work:

Africa Geographic 2016
     Published in the 2016 Yearly Coffee Table Book entries-2

Operation Walk Denver:
       Professional Photographer for Operation Walk Denver Medical Mission Trips 2008-2018
     Newsletters from 2010-Present
     My Work is available on the Operation Walk Denver Website:

Operation Walk LA: 
     Professional Photographer for numerous Operation Walk LA Medical Mission Trips
     2014 Anniversary Publication: Cover Page, Pages 4-14
     My Work is available on the Operation Walk LA Website:

Operation Walk USA
     Publication 2012

Global Health Initiatives: 
     Professional Photographer for numerous Global Health Initiative Medical Mission Trips
     Photographic Exhibit encompassing 5 hospitals and a year long show
      Global Health Initiatives 10 year Anniversary Publication
     Global Health Initiatives Annual Report 2014: Cover Page
     Global Health Initiatives Annual Report 2015: Cover Page​​​​​​​
         Global Health Initiatives Annual Report 2016
     Global Health Initiatives Annual Report 2017
     Global Health Initiatives Annual Report 2018: Cover Page
       My Work is available on the Global Health Initiatives Website

Porter Adventist Hospital:
     Printed work on display: 2018

My Upcoming Trips:

January 2018:  Rwanda / Ethiopia       February 2018:  Peru     March: St Maarten  
August  2018:  Spain / France / Italy / Greece        October 2018:  St Maarten   November 2018: Kolkata, India
February 2019:  Jakarta / Bali / Shri Lanka / Maldives /Bangkok

"It is an Array of Moments Captured by the Photographer to Display their Vision" -Cohan Zarnoch
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